21-day Self-Concept course
In Alisha's Self-Concept course, you'll spend 21 days with her guidance becoming a more confident, happy and unapologetically authentic version of yourself!
Research suggests it only takes
21 days to create a new personality...
She incorporates her clinical psychology expertise, neuroscience, and the scientific & spiritual laws of manifestation. She's also carefully curated various "activations" (like guided meditations and visualizations) to assist you with successfully and instantaneously embodying the version of yourself that you desire to be!

"Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live."

- Neville Goddard

what's included?

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The program design ensures:

This course provides you with all the tools you need to become an enhanced version of yourself!

Are you ready to change your life and speed up your manifestations? Let’s go!

A $555 Value For Just $333
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With a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from one of the nation’s largest psychology-focused graduate schools, and a background in Education and Domestic Violence, Alisha brings extensive clinical and practical expertise to her coaching approach.


Alisha works with high-achieving, big-dreaming individuals, helping them align with their purpose and authenticity; in order to take their personal and professional success to the next level! 

My job is to challenge your limits and help you break down the barriers that are interfering with attaining the lifestyle you strongly desire. 

You are worthy of experiencing joy and passion in all areas of your life. We all have access to it. It’s up to you to choose how your life plays out from here.

Read some real success stories!

What started as a 21-day Self Concept challenge in Alisha’s Heaven on Earth vip private Facebook group, is now packaged in a course with a tried-and-true methodology supporting it’s effectiveness.

Alisha used the data and feedback from the group to create an even more powerful experience for you!

Read below through some testimonials made by the group members during the course of the challenge…

Be Confident, Be Happy and Be Yourself.
Become the Most Confident, Happy, and Unapologetically Authentic Version of Yourself
A $555 Value For Just $333

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